Product vs Project

The secret of the success of these companies is the continuous improvement of their products, which enables them to increase customer retention and relationships. Their profound culture of innovation has allowed them to move from a project-to-product mindset, understanding that from this new perspective they will be able to provoke market behavior and evolve according to the needs of the business and users.

Software has changed the expectations of customers, who expect a valuable and positive interaction with the product. Additionally, they also seek to constantly evolve according to business needs and market demands. Furthermore, Innovation, the fast pace to be competitive, and the need to generate greater customer loyalty, have all impacted and continue to impact organizations in different industries.

To get to build a product with the highest quality it is necessary to have a clear definition of the purpose it pursues. The only way to be inspired by the purpose of an excellent software product is to understand what its impact will be. If its creators know how it generates value, all your efforts will be aimed at achieving it and; your decisions will be guided and facilitated by this understanding of the impact. The solid vision of that purpose makes the delivery of the product faster.

Based on our experience in conceptualizing, constructing, and operating the software products we have delivered, this document will cover how the combination of collaboration, business understanding, methodology, and technical knowledge allows us to generate quality levels that positively impact the environment of our clients.

We invite you to know the differences between these two perspectives, so that you can make assertive decisions not to follow the path of the great majority of organizations that continue to focus their efforts on delivering software as a project, rather than a product mentality.

Product vs Project infography

Teams oriented to the construction of high quality products

At S4N, we structure teams focused on the product and we encourage The team active participation throughout its development cycle. On one side, we in practice iterative and incremental methodologies that allow for the developing and testing of the product from a conceptual and technical point of view, and on the other hand, we ensure that product orientation allows us to meet business expectations in the short and long terms such as demand growth, ease evolution, and operational cost-efficiency.

For this, the active, constant and responsible collaboration and involvement of our clients is necessary. This approach allows the relationship between work teams to facilitate a drive towards results, promote the joint resolution of impediments and open spaces for the execution of creative processes that benefit the product.

Overcoming four challenges in your software product idea

1. Great business ideas faded by a superficial definition of the product. To accept that a great business idea ends in a superficial and poor result solely due to a lack of time or budget, is to deny that technology and an appropriate method of work could avoid this situation. It's not just a great idea, it's about digging deep into the details, maintaining a structured approach to preparing the ground for outstanding execution. For this reason, we place special emphasis on the adoption and application of specialized but simple techniques and methodologies, so that our clients do not spend too much time explaining and sharing their vision. We take control of it, and we give it shape to design a software product with the soul and identity that we want to reflect;, that is, it reflects what the creator wants.

2. Sacrificing the impact of the product due to lack of alignment between the market, product and users. When applying the following criteria, we help our customers to define an attractive and feasible reach of the software product:

  • Timeliness; By qualifying and quantifying the opportunity, its idea impacts the market and does so to an expected extent. By investigating and discovering the market and the perceptions of the people, we are able to define the scope of the product to be quickly on the radar of the end users of our clients.
  • Empathy; Through applying product development focused on the design, the software product will have greater opportunities to adapt to the users. Product managers, visual designers, user experience professionals and service designers will make this happen in the best possible way.
  • Technical excellence; We build the most robust, maintainable and operable software product our customers can have. This means that the product not only meets the quality attributes for which it was designed, but also has the capacity to evolve according to the changing behavior and expectations of its users, their level of use and their validity in the market.

3. Spectacular designs, poor implementations Planning, iterative development, quality control and other deployment techniques are what mostly generate value. Very often, it is here where a traditional development fails. Flexibility to adopt and adjust methods, technologies and practices that retain the traditional way of building software is recognized as an important part of success.

4. Inefficient operations When our customer's IT team becomes an army that has difficulty operating or; maintaining and evolving the software product, no prior effort was worth it. Our purpose is to minimize human intervention and promote automation procedures to intelligently manage services in the cloud.

In conclusion,

Our service and conception of product delivery has allowed us to generate with our customers a positive, strong, and lasting relationship. Having high quality technical teams and specializing in delivering software products, we not only comply with business objectives, but also with the technical excellence in design and development that only passion and knowledge allows us to achieve; All of this combined is why we here at S4N can generate immense value for organizations not seen by other software development companies.

Need help building complex software products? Our teams at S4N predictably deliver complete software products that help enterprises stay competitive. Get in touch and tell us about your next challenge.